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The Adventure Begins: A Creative Writing Prompt Book 2

The Adventure Begins: A Creative Writing Prompt Book 2

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25 Fun and Inspiring Story Starters and Colourful Illustrations for Kids aged 7+

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Introducing the perfect gift for all young kids - The Adventure Begins Creative Writing Kids Prompt Book 2! At "Spotted Genius" we stand for imaginative and engaging learning resources for children and this book is no exception. Packed with fun and creative prompts and story writing pages, kids will be inspired to write their own stories and let their imaginations soar.

With 25 more engaging prompts complete with colourful illustrations over five unique categories, including Fantastical Worlds and Real Life Heroes, children will never run out of ideas for their writing. The Me, Myself and I section will encourage them to use their imagination, while the Poetic Expressions chapter is a gentle and fun introduction to using rhyming words in their writing.

The Spotted Genius Creative Writing Kids Prompt Book is not just for entertainment, it's also a valuable learning tool. Children will develop their writing skills with the help of useful tips and advice throughout the book and also boost their creativity, all while having fun! Don't forget to join our social media channels for more learning resources and updates on new publications.

Give the gift of imagination with the Spotted Genius Creative Writing Kids Prompt Book 2 - and please don't forget to tell others if you have enjoyed it, to help other parents and families discover our wonderful range of inspiring creative activity books for kids.

Book 2:

- 25 Fun and creative writing prompts
- Story writing pages
- Colourful illustrations to inspire young imaginations
- 72 pages
- Helpful writing tips throughout the book
- Ideal for kids aged 7+

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