Spotted Genius - Tiny Tots - Where learning is a walk in the park

Tiny Tots

Recommended Age: 0-5 years.

This category is designed for young children who are just starting to explore the world around them. Our resources include printable colouring pages, alphabet and number worksheets and simple puzzles to help them develop fine motor skills, learn basic concepts, and spark their curiosity about the world.

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Spotted Genius - Wonder Kids - Where learning is a walk in the park

Wonder Kids

Recommended Age: 5-7 years.

The Wonder Kids category is perfect for children who are starting to read and write. Our resources focus on building foundational skills in literacy and numeracy, with activities such as sight word games, spelling exercises and simple math problems. We also offer printable storybooks and craft activities to foster creativity and imagination.

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Spotted Genius - Junior Geniuses - Where learning is a walk in the park

Junior Geniuses

Recommended Age: 7-11 years.

For older children who are ready for more advanced learning, our Junior Geniuses category provides resources that challenge their thinking and problem-solving skills. Our activities include critical thinking exercises, science experiments and brain teasers to help children develop their logic and reasoning abilities.

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Spotted Genius - Tweens and Teens - Where learning is a walk in the park

Tweens & Teens

Recommended Age: 11-14 years.

Our resources for Tweens and Teens are designed to support them as they navigate the challenges associated with more advanced topics. This category includes printable study guides, writing prompts and interactive activities to help them build their writing, research and study skills - as well as their confidence! We also offer resources to help them explore their interests and develop their passions.

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Spotted Genius - Rising Stars - Where learning is a walk in the park.

Rising Stars

Recommended Age: 14-16 years

Our resources for Rising Stars are designed to support students as they prepare for their transition to college or vocational training. With a focus on critical thinking and problem-solving, our resources for Rising Stars help students to succeed both in the classroom and in their future endeavours.

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Resources for Children and Teenagers of All Abilities

Spotted Genius offers educational resources and printable activity books for children and teenagers of all ages, with categories that cater to specific age ranges. While our categories are tailored to certain age groups, we understand that every child is unique and may have varying learning needs. Therefore, we encourage parents to explore the resources available in adjacent age ranges to find the best fit for their child's educational needs.

At Spotted Genius, our mission is to make learning fun and engaging for children and teenagers, regardless of their age or learning abilities. Our resources are created by experienced educators and are designed to support a variety of learning styles. We invite parents to browse our products to find the resources that are best suited to their child's interests and educational needs.